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Capable of printing 72 square feet per hour.

The Toyoda Falcon is a 24″ DTF printer that has a dual print head design that lays down the colors in a blend of CMYK colors with the first printhead, and then lays down the perfect amount of white underbase on top of the colors in perfect alignment so that you do not have any white peeking out.  The alignment is on the film, rather than on the bumpy fabric of the shirts so it creates a crisp design edge that you can’t even get with traditional screen printing.

The Toyoda Falcon also has a heated print path that begins the drying process immediately after the print.  The white ink layer on top will become dry to the touch-ready to receive the specialized powder adhesive coating.

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Additional Information

The Toyoda Falcon uses translucent PET transfer film to produce brilliant digital transfers. It can make everything from single colour labels to full-sized prints. The PET Film is about 0.75mm which allows for better transfers. The Films used on the Toyoda Falcon are roll fed and designed for a cold peel.

The Direct to Film process has only 2 ingredients to produce transfers. Ink, and powdered adhesive. The powdered adhesive draws itself to the ink and forms a permanent adhesive bond that sticks extremely well to both cotton and polyester fabrics.

  • Faster production then DTG
  • Prints on almost all material types
  • Durability as good as screen printing
  • HDR Colours and Beautiful Gradients
  • Transfers are good for up to 6 months
  • No need to have your DTF printer and production in the same room
  • Everything you need to get started including support and training


Benefits of DTF over Screen Printing

  • No Screens to clean
  • Setup is lightning fast
  • No need for a darkroom
  • No need for mixing inks to get the perfect colour
  • No need for belt/conveyor dryers
  • Better print quality
  • No wasted garments because of popped screens
  • Takes up a fraction of the space
  • Printer : 37” x 68”
  • Applicator : 74” X 48” X 40” 
  • Combined unit : 68” x 131”
Power 220V / 4KW / 21 Amps
Powder Shaking Method Motor vibration, automatic powder return-free
Heating Method Back & front baking - fast, constant heating
Media Take-Up & Feeding Method Constant tension automatic induction system
Operation Mode Manual/Auto control
Mesh Belt Drum suction operation mesh belt
Automatic Deceleration of Film Cutting Prevent deformation of heating film
Method of Dusting Constant weight automatic sensing
Packaging Weight 783 lbs.
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 6.2' x 4' x 3.33' (76" x 42" x 40")
Packing Dimensions (LxWxH) 6.5' x 4.3' x 3.68' (78" x 51.6" x 44.2")
Configuration With All-in-one smoke purifier
  • 6 months on print heads (Up to 2 print heads)
  • 1 year on parts

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