GTX - T-Lock Wrap Around Platen Insert

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Maximize the power of your Brother® DTG printer by expanding the products that you can print on. The T-Lock Wrap Around Insert allows for the printing fashion oriented designs that wrap around from part of the front of the garment, through the side and on to part of the back of the garment.


Expand the product offering to your customers by offering unique prints that other DTG printers will have a challenging printing.  The Brother DTG printers have a large print head-to-substrate gap that allows for easily printing over side seams on garments.  The easy-to-use T-Lock platen system allows Brother® DTG users the ability to print up wrap around designs.

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    Below are the instructions for assembling the Wrap Around Platen Insert for use with the T-Lock Platen on the Brother DTG Printers.


    1. Locate the Wrap Around Platen Insert, two T-Lock Brackets and four (4) screws.

    2. Place the T-Lock Bracket under the Wrap Around Platen Insert and put two screws through the top of the insert so the head of the screw goes into the counter sunk hole.  Use a screw driver (not included) to tighten the screw.  Do not over tighten.

    3. Repeat the process for the 2nd T-Lock Bracket.

    Below are the steps for using the Wrap Around Platen Insert with the T-Lock Base.


    1. Install the T-Lock Base on the Brother DTG printer.

    2. Insert the T-Lock Brackets of Wrap Around Platen Insert into the T-Lock Base

    3. Rotate the T-Lock Brackets to secure the Wrap Around Platen Insert to T-Lock Base.