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The pocket platen is designed specifically to print on and or above the pocket by raising the area so that it is raised higher than the placket (button area) of a polo shirt and or the pockets seam to avoid a head strike. The Pocket platen is also a fixed area and by setting up your artwork with in the 3.5” by 6” area you can quickly set up your artwork to print.


The Pocket Platen is a special platen that clips to the right or top left edge of other GTX platens – including the Adult Platen, the Oversized Platen, the Youth Platen, and the Baby Platen. If you have the gripper kit attached to the front of the platen then this will prevent the pocket platen from being attached.  The Pocket Platen covers a rectangular area on the platen of 3.5” by 6” and raises that printable area by 2mm.  This allows you to lower your platen further to accommodate polo shirt buttons and pockets without losing the quality of a print in that area.  The pocket platen can also be helpful when used with the template as it will aid in showing where the print will fall on the platen.

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Place the pocket on the top portion of your platen.  Slide the Pocket Platen on, parallel to the top portion of the platen you are using.  The platen will hold on snuggly.


Make sure to the lower the main platen enough to accommodate the GTX platen height sensor.  


Note: if you have the gripper kit installed on the front part of the platen then this will prevent you from attaching the Pocket Platen securely. 

Printing within Graphics Lab:

1. Under the gear icon for settings you can set your Unit grid pattern to inches to help layout your artwork. Size your artwork to fit within the 3.5” by 6” area in the top right corner of Graphics Lab. 

2. Once you send the file to the printer, load your garment (with the pocket) onto the platen. To load the garment, you will dress the platen as normal. Make sure the top of the pocket is centered and is sitting just below the attachment.

3. Make sure to the lower the platen enough to accommodate for the added thickness of the Pocket Platen attachment to clear the GTX platen height sensor.