Finish S1 (Red Screen Filler)

Finish S1 (Red Screen Filler) - 1 Gallon


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SAATI Finish S1 is a screen filler (block-out) for use with solvent-based or plastisol ink. Used for medium to high mesh counts (180-380).



  • Red, medium viscosity, liquid screen filler
  • Smooth & creamy consistency
  • Water based and solvent resistant
  • Optimal transparency



  • Fully solvent resistant and offers increased durability
  • Spreads uniformly and evenly for optimal drying and filling
  • Does not contain solvents and can be simply removed with water

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On the substrate side of the screen, spread Finish S1 evenly over desired area of mesh and stencil with a straight edge. A card or a plastic spreader is typically used. Filler may be thinned with water for retouching pinholes with a brush. To reclaim, remove with water.

When sealed in the original container and stored in cool conditions, SAATI products will maintain their original properties for one year from the date of production.