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The new and improved Monster-Max-2 Emulsion Scoop Coater and 3rd generation “Quick-Start” stainless steel end-caps are the pinnacle in scoop coater technology. 


The MM2 is a dramatic improvement of the original design. The MM2 receives a proprietary anodizing process which provides added toughness to the coating edges and provides a silky smooth transfer of emulsion to your screen. 


Another new feature pioneered by Ink Innovations is a scoop coater with two identical “semi-sharp” coating edges. If you dent one coating edge, you simply use the other side…it’s like getting two coaters for the price of one!


Unlike most scoop coaters on the market, in the event that you damage or need to replace the aluminum extrusion, the Monster-Max II allows to purchase a replacement separately. By saving the end caps, for years to come you will earn considerable savings.  


The MM2 aluminum extrusion is fully compatible with the earlier Monster-Max end cap designs.

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Additional Information

  • Standard ramp angle for thin emulsions
  • Fast ramp angle for small amounts or thick emulsions
  • Lid claws – remove stuck on emulsion lids
  • Reach-under legs
  • None-glare finish on end caps
  • True one-handed operation
  • Drop-slot design – for fast end cap removal
  • "no-streak" end-cap design
  • Allows for home-made capillary film
  • Set thickness with common objects
  • Three ergonomic handles
  • No-slip micro-groove surface on handles
  • Wider opening for easy emulsion loading
  • Holds more emulsion
  • "no-spill" design -- stands up straight!
  • Sharp angles make for easy clean up
  • Works with Ultimate Clean-Up-Card
  • Two semi-sharp coating edges
  • Unique beveled coating edge
  • 100% metal construction
  • Made in USA