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The Emulsion-Buddy from Ink Innovations is a “Do-Everything” tool for your darkroom. This must-have device enables you to remove stuck-on emulsion covered lids with ease (no more injured fingernails) and mix your emulsion.


The Emulsion-Buddy will pry-off a stuck on lid quickly and easily, then flip it around to perfectly mix your emulsion (or ink). The bottom edge of the tool is designed to reach into the corners of the bucket and flat to get the material on the bottom of the bucket which allows you to use every bit of that expensive photo-emulsion!


And when you’re finished coating your screens and have pored the emulsion from you coater back into the bucket, you can easily seal the lid back on tight with a few quick wacks of the emulsion Buddy.


The Emulsion buddy is made from precision laser-cut, heavyweight stainless steel. This is a super-tough, heavy-duty tool designed and built specifically for screen printers. 


From start to finish Emulsion-Buddy does it all!

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    • Made of stainless steel.
    • Can be used as stir stick while mixing ink or emulsion.
    • Great for prying open lids on emulsion and ink containers
    • Softened edges will not dig into containers.