FBX Ghost - Pretreatment for White, Light and Medium Coloured Garments

FBX Ghost - Pretreatment for White, Light and Medium Coloured Garments - 1 Gallon


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A Breakthrough Pretreatment Formulation for White, Light and Medium Colored Garments


FIREBIRD’s FBX Ghost™ Pretreatment is designed for DTG printing onto a wide range of garments.

  • Eliminate unsightly spray box and sun yellowing? Ghost!
  • CMYK on white cotton and 100% polyester? Ghost!
  • White+CMYK on Sports Grey, Neon Green, Sapphire and other Light/Medium-Colored cotton and blends? Ghost!


FBX Ghost is compatible with most DTG garment printers, including Brother, Epson and Ricoh.



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    1. Spray between 15-40 grams (per 14x16 area), depending on the garment style and color.

    2. CONVEYOR CURE* until damp or dry to touch, at 300-250F for 40-60 seconds.

    3. Heat-press to fully dry and matte down fibers, at 315-350F for 10-15 seconds, with 40-70PSI pressure.


    *If a conveyor oven is not available, air-dry for a minimum of 15 mins. Then heat-press at 300-350F, for 20-40 seconds, with 40-60PSI pressure (or until dry-to-touch). It is important to either conveyor-cure or air-dry to prevent from creating a glossy film visible on the sprayed area on the garment when only heat pressing.