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SAATI DIAZO 11 is a light sensitive activator for producing screen-printing stencils


Instructions (For single gallons of SAATI emulsion)

  • Add 6oz of clean filtered water to the bottle, shake and allow to sit for 1 hour.

  • Add this to the gallon bucket of emulsion and stir well.

  • Emulsion should sit over night to allow the bubbles to rise to the top.

  • You should cut the bottle open to ensure that all of the Diazo got dissolved.


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    Additional Information

    • Poor Coating Quality

              • Properly clean, degrease and rinse the screen to remove all residues and traces of chemicals

              • Properly and evenly tension the fabric

              • Clean and ensure the scoop coater does not present any defect edge


    • Poor Detail or Difficulty Washing Out Image

             • Ensure emulsion and coated screens are handled in safelight conditions only

             • Ensure a minimum vacuum of 0.66 bar (500 mmHg or 20 in Hg) on vacuum gauge for optimum contact of the positive

             • Optimize exposure time and use only high quality film positives

             • Do not store sensitized emulsion or coated screen at high temperatures


    • Emulsion Falls Off, Extreme Pinholes or Severe Stencil Breakdown During Printing

             • Ensure that damp screens are not being exposed

             • Only expose screens with an even and consistent coating thickness

             • Ensure that stencil has not been severely underexposed

             • Ensure mixed emulsion is not too old, has been correctly sensitized and has not been stored at high temperature


    • Difficulty Reclaiming Screens

             • Not reclaimable once catalyzed

             • Optimize exposure time and properly rinse the squeegee side of the screen during developing to remove all residual traces, especially when using higher mesh count dyed fabric

    When sealed in the original container and stored in cool conditions, SAATI products will maintain their original properties for one year from the date of production.