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ChromaLime is a lime-green, pure photopolymer emulsion designed for shop environments with high humidity levels. Ideal for shops seeking to eliminate film positives sticking to coated screens during the exposure process. Comparable to ChromaBlue and CTR pure photopolymer emulsions.


  • Optimized for LED and traditional UV exposure systems
  • Very fast exposing
  • Eliminates/greatly reduces sticking to film positives and exposure unit glass
  • Non-tacky in high humidity conditions
  • Improves resolution and definition
  • Optimal translucency for easy registration and faster press setups
  • Ideal for automated reclaim systems
  • ChromaLime is best used with plastisol inks for textiles, achieving faster press setup and easier reclaimability.

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Additional Information

Work Under Yellow Lights.



Work up a lather on both sides of mesh to degrease. Be sure to use only a high-quality mesh degreaser, such as Chroma/Clean designed specifically for this purpose. Rinse thoroughly.


  • COAT

Fill scoop coater with room temperature emulsion. Slowly apply first coat to print side. Next, coat squeegee side with 1-3 coats depending upon thickness required. For most art, a 1X1 coating will be optimal. If a thicker stencil is required, apply additional wet-on-wet coatings from the squeegee side.



• ChromaLime is presensitized. Stir before use.

• Keep pail covered when not in use.

• Return unused emulsion from scoop coater to pail as soon as possible. Emulsion dries quickly and will rapidly "skin over."


  • DRY

Dry screen thoroughly in horizontal position with print side down, using a completely clean and dark drying cabinet. Temperature should not exceed 110ºF (43ºC).



Using the 10-Step Exposure Guide to determine proper exposure times for ChromaBlue, place emulsion side of photopositive in contact with print side of screen. Exposure times for ChromaBlue are very short and accurate exposure is important for optimal results. See exposure guidelines at right.



Gently spray both sides of screen with lukewarm water, wait 30 seconds then gently wash print side of the screen until image is fully open. Rinse both sides thoroughly. Dry screen completely and you are ready to print.



Apply a high quality screen reclaimer, such as Chroma/Strip to both sides. Scrub area to be reclaimed with a stiff nylon brush to ensure entire surface is wet and let sit until stencil begins to dissolve. Remove stencil residue with pressure washer, then rinse with hose, thoroughly flooding screen and frame.


*Do not let reclaimer dry



Note: Exposure times are suggested only as a guide. Individual exposure times may vary depending upon equipment used, bulb age, and other shop conditions. Suggested exposure times are as follows:


QuickImage LED exposure system: 1x1 round edge coating 10-20 seconds on 110 white mesh 18-22 seconds on 110 yellow mesh


Exposure times below were set for 5KW unit at 40" from frame.



Coating Technique Coater Edge Suggested Min. Exp. Time
1x1 Round 30 sec.
1x2 Round 40 sec.
1x3 Round 50 sec.



Coating Technique Coater Edge Suggested Min. Exp. Time
1x1 Round 20 sec.
1x2 Round 25 sec.
1x3 Round 30 sec.



Coating Technique Coater Edge Suggested Min. Exp. Time
1x1 Round 15 sec.
1x2 Round 20 sec.
1x3 Round 25 sec.


* Exposure times were determined using the Chromaline Exposure Calculator.

  • Color: Lime Green
  • Solids: 40%
  • Viscosity: Medium-High
  • Easier on-press registration = more setups/day
  • Resists humidity = tack-free
  • Excellent Reclaimability - Go Ahead, Try Me

ChromaLime emulsion should be stored at room temperature and should not be stored at temperatures above 80°F (27°C) or below 32°F (0°C). ChromaLime emulsion should be stored in its original container.


Protect from freezing. ChromaLime is not freeze/thaw stable.