AlbaChem Dual Hose Extension for the Bulk Adhesive System

AlbaChem Dual Hose Extension for the Bulk Adhesive System - 10 Foot Extension


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Dual hose extension for the Bulk Adhesive System. 


The Albatross APS (Adhesive Application System) Bulk Adhesive Applicator utilizes compressed air thru the Albatross PSN spray gun to apply fine mist of water-based adhesive with virtually NO overspray. By combining the adhesive with compressed air, the air/adhesive mixture obtains immediate tack.


The Albatross PSN is an HLVP gun (which stands for high volume low pressure). This type of spray gun provides excellent atomization in a fan pattern, allowing the user to apply adhesive right to the edge of a screen printing pallet, foam rubber, or any substrate with almost no overspray. This system produces an improved spray from aerosol cans with no downtime. Flammability, toxicity, waste, disposal or environmental issues are eliminated using the APS System.


The APS System is self contained and portable. It holds a 5 gallon of adhesive, a pneumatic pump to bring the adhesive to the spray gun, and a gun hook to hold the sprayer when not in use. Simply roll the unit to the work area, “quick connect” an air line, and you’re ready to go. The coiled nylon hoses provide 12 feet of working length. Attach the optional PSN Gun Hanger and suspend the sprayer over the work area for an even more convenient ergonomic working atmosphere.


The APS System is perfect for textile screen printers, mattress manufacturers, furniture manufacturers, or any industrial user wishing to save HUGE dollars on adhesive costs.

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Additional Information

  • Adjustable Flow Nozzle
  • Easy to Clean
  • No over spray HVLP Sprayer
  • Saves on Adhesive Costs
  • Portable Roll into Place
  • Instant Tack
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • No Solvent Vapors