AlbaChem Safe-T-Tack Water Based Pallet Adhesive

AlbaChem Safe-T-Tack Water Based Pallet Adhesive - 1 Gallon


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AlbaChem® SAFE-T-TACK PALLET ADHESIVE Albatross Safe-T-Tack is a non-flammable, non-V.O.C. water-based adhesive. It provides a long lasting pressure sensitive tack for your screen printing pallets. Using Safe-T-Tack will keep your press, floors and personnel clean. Safe-T-Tack can be brushed or carded on the pallets, or when applied with the pneumatic Albatross APS System or PSB spray guns, Safe-T-Tack obtains immediate tack with no overspray.

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Additional Information

  • Long lasting tack
  • Eliminates risk of aerosol adhesive cans falling into dryers
  • Flashable
  • Does not contain any acetone or other ketones
  • Non-Flammable

With pneumatic sprayer pour Safe-T-Tack into jar (bottle feed) or drop suction tube into container (direct feed). Adjust air pressure and flow rate to desired levels. Ideally to minimize overspray with enough air pressure to obtain immediate tack when adhesive hits the pallet. Print, apply more as needed. Manual application apply thin layer of Safe-T-Tack with brush, roller or card. Allow to air dry or flash pallet to obtain tack. Print, apply more as needed. Clean-up with warm soapy water or mild solvent.


Tips: Use pallet protector, water-based adhesives do not clean-up as easy as solvent based aerosols. Before applying more product, spray pallet with water to re-activate tack