GTX - Oversized Platen Insert for T-Lock Platen Kit

GTX - Oversized Platen Insert for T-Lock Platen Kit - Default Title


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The Oversized Insert is a specialty platen that is sized 16" x 18".  This platen insert is sold separately from the T‐Lock Platen Kit, but uses some of the same components.  


Maximize the power of your Brother® DTG printer by expanding the products that you can print on. The T-Lock Platen kit is a multi-purpose platen that allows Brother® DTG users to print on garments and other substrates that is typically difficult to do using the standard Adult Platen. The T-Lock Base is designed to easily insert and remove platen inserts of all different sizes. 

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    To assembly the Oversized Insert, install the T‐Lock Brackets to the bottom side of the Oversized Insert using the included screws.


    To install the Oversized Insert on the T‐Lock Base, drop the T‐Lock Brackets into the slots in the T‐Lock Base.  The Registration Bolts will slide into the pre‐drilled holes in the Oversized Insert.  Rotate the center piece in the T‐Lock Brackets to secure it in place.


    When preparing the artwork for printing, use a 16” x 18” artwork template and the Oversized Platen option in the appropriate Brother GT Driver.