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The Brother DTG Koozie Platen allows GTX customers to print can koolers quickly and easily.  The jig holds up to 6 can koozies at a time and is placed directly on top of the Brother DTG Adult (14” x 16”) platen.



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How do I prep the koozies for printing?

Since most can koolers are made of polyester, we recommend using DTG Pretreatment to brighten the colors on koolers.  You will want to use the DTG Poly Pretreatment with a light mist or aerosol sprayer.  You can also use an automatic sprayer.  The goal is to lightly coat or wet the koolers with pretreat.  You will want to cure these using a heat press at light pressure for a standard setting of 35 seconds at 356 degrees Fahrenheit.


Loading and Placing the Can Kooler Jig:

  • The Can Kooler Jig can hold up to 6 can koolers at once.  
  • Align the top of the jig with the top of the platen.


How do I cure the koolers once they are printed?
To cure the koozies once they have been printed on we will want to use the same settings as previously mentioned.  You will want to use light pressure on your heat press.  For the time and the temperature, we will again want to use the standard settings of 356 degrees for 35 seconds. If we experience any adverse effect, we will want to lower the temperature to 320 and cure for a longer amount of time such as 60 seconds.