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Always use the following menu option before powering off to perform cleanings or replace parts:


1. Press Menu → Maintenance → Maintenance Part Clean/Replace → OK → Power Off Printer.


2. Remove the fan filter from the main unit of the printer by depressing the latch on the top of the filter assembly.

Although it’s not required, you may use gloves to replace fan filters.

Fan Filter


3. Mount the fan filter so that its coarse mesh surface faces toward the inner area of the printer.

- GTX 422 – Fan Filter Set - SB7007001

- GTXpro 423 – Fan Filter Set - SB7007001

- GTXpro B 424 – Fan Filter Set - SB7007001


4. Mount a new fan filter to the frame of the filter case.

Fan Filter


5. Mount the assembled fan filter in the main unit of the printer.


6. If the printer is not powered on, power it on.


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