Firebird DTG Pre-treatment Cleaning Solution

Firebird DTG Pre-treatment Cleaning Solution - 1 Gallon


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Increase the Life and Efficiency of Your Automatic Pretreatment Spraying Machine
  • Stop expensive problems before they ever start.
  • Just before shutting down pretreatment machine, empty the machine of any pretreatment
  • Load PCS and keep filled until next time pretreatment is needed
  • When ready to use pretreatment machine again, remove Pretreatment Cleaning Solution and load pretreatment again
Maintain Sprayer Tips for Optimal Spray
  • Fix problem nozzels instead of throwing them away. Simply add the following routine to your maintenance
  • After running machine maintenance, remove sprayer tip
  • Completely submerge tips in Pretreatment Cleaning Solution
  • Allow to soak until next use
Spot Clean Your Shop
  • Finally get rid of sticky pretreat residue and buildup.
  • With a towel, apply PCS directly to any spills, misting, or dried pretreatment on the pretreatment machine parts
  • Break up clogged tips with PCS and a toothbrush
  • Use a spray bottle to directly target areas on the pretreatment machine parts

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