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Dip Tank Starter Package (Holds screens up to 24x33) w/ Hold-Down Bar

Dip Tank Starter Package (Holds screens up to 24x33) w/ Hold-Down Bar - Default Title


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All in one convenient package, the dip tank system is designed to save you time and money without the mess of traditional reclaiming methods, without hazards and without toxicity. This system will make your screen fabric look like new for only pennies per screen.


Tens of thousands of printing companies from the smallest to the largest in the world have adopted the innovative dip tank technology: reclaiming millions of screens for pennies, reducing chemical consumption by up to 70%, decreasing labor needs by up to 50%. This system is the fastest, safest and most cost efficient screen reclaiming method in existence.

What's included in the starter package:

  • Dip Tank

  • RB Dip Solution - 5G

  • RB Screen Wash - 1G

  • RB Textile Press Wash - 1G

  • RB Haze Remover - 1G

  • Poly Brush - x1

  • Scrub Pad Handle - x1

  • Scrub Pad - x4

  • 32oz Spray Bottle w/ Trigger - x3


RB Digital dip tank chemicals are drain safe and can be used to clean hundreds of screens without being replenished. Unlike other dip tank systems; this system suspends and traps solids. You will not generate sludge in the tank if used properly. The Dip Tank System has no shelf life, maximizing longevity and flexibility in your reclaiming.


Special features include a screen hold-down bar to keep screens submerged in the solution while soaking, an in-tank drip ledge to eliminate wasted chemical drag out (not currently seen on any other models in the industry), a sludge catch molded into the bottom of the tank to avoid screens sitting in good and a drain for easy emptying.


Note: Lid not included and no longer manufactured 

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    Additional Information

    Step 1: Assembly

    • Find the white, plastic on-off spigot that is included. This should be attached to the inner wall in a sealed, plastic bag.
    • Turn the tank on its side and insert the threaded end of the spigot into the female receptacle located on the bottom end of the tank.
    • DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. Usually 2-3 rotations of the spigot are all that is necessary to seal the threads. If the spigot is over tightened, the spin fitting will crack causing the tank to leak. When this is completed turn the tank upright and move to the location where it will be situated.


    Step 2: Filling the Tank

    • When the tank has been situated (generally, you would place the tank within close proximity of the washout booth where the screens will be water rinsed) you need to begin filling the tank with water. You will want to add water first and then chemical. Water added to chemical will cause foaming. It is advisable to check the spin fitting/spigot assembly for leaks when the water level reaches that part of the tank.
    • When the water level fills about 2/3 of the tank, you will add RB Dip Solution.
    • Simply mix 7.5 gallons/28 liters of RB Dip Solution with 29.5 gallons/111 liters of water.


    Step 3: Reclaiming Screens

    • Scrape as much ink out of your screen, dip your frame in your tank for 1-3 minutes (just enough time to soften your emulsion), bring to your washout booth and high pressure rinse both sides of the screen. Your screen will then be ready for the stain removal process.


    1. Scrape as much ink off of your screen as possible

    2. Place screen in your dip tank and let it soak for roughly 2-3 minutes

    3. Pull the screen out of the dip tank and allow excess fluid to drain back into the tank

    4. Bring your screen to your washout booth

    5. High Pressure rinse emulsion off of the screen

    6. Apply RB Screen Wash & Stain Remover (with Degreasers) to both sides of your screen and scrub

    7. High pressure rinse the excess ink and stains from your screen

    8. Low pressure/flood rinse your screen to remove any excess chemical from the mesh

    9. Dry your screen - it will then be ready for reuse

    • Volume: 25 Gallons
    • Outside Tank Dimensions without lid: 37" W x 13" D x 28" H
    • Outside Tank Dimensions with lid: 38" W x 14" D x 29" H
    • Inside Dimensions: 33" W x 7" D x 24.75" H
    • Weight: 37.0 lbs

    1:5 - 1:7 Chemical to Water Ratio Using RB Dip Solution

    • PT525 (25 Gallon Dip Tank)
    • Dip Tank
    • Threaded Drain Fitting
    • Built-in drip ledge
    • Built-in screen hold-down bar
    • Sludge catch molded into the bottom of the tank


    Note: Lid not included and no longer manufactured 

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