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RB Dip Solution is a one step ink cleaner & emulsion remover designed to dissolve plastisol inks and remove emulsion from the screen printing mesh at the same time. This product is for use in a dip tank -for superior time and chemical savings. RB Dip Solution is an ultra-concentrated liquid and designed to be mixed with water 1:5 - 1:7 while remaining homogenous. With RB Dip Solution, textile screens can be cleaned for pennies by combining many of the cleaning processes into one.


RB Dip Solution is a zero VOC, low odor, non-flammable, non-hazardous product that will provide the benefits of less labor, less expense, and improved efficiency to the screen cleaning and reclaiming operation. This concentrated one-step ink & emulsion remover is designed to be used as part of the Easiway dip tank system.


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  • Dissolves and cleans ink, emulsion and blockout in one step which makes the job of screen reclaiming much faster and more efficient.
  • Has no odor which makes the job of screen reclaiming much more pleasant.
  • Has no VOC’s making this product safer than solvents for air quality concerns.
  • Is non-flammable which makes it safer for handling, storage and rag disposal than conventional solvents.


  • Mix RB Dip Solution at a ratio of up to 1:5 - 1:7 with water in a plastic tank.
  • Scrape excess ink from screen.
  • Place screen in dip tank.
  • Let soak in tank until the emulsion/film loosens from the screen. Usually 1-3 mins.
  • High pressure rinse screen, then flood rinse.
  • If stubborn stains remain, apply an RB Screen Wash, scrub & rinse



  • Scrape excess ink from screen.
  • Apply RB Dip Solution (full strength) by brush, wipe, scrub pad or spray to the print side of the screen and scrub.
  • High pressure rinse the print side, followed by high pressure rinse well side.
  • Flood rinse entire screen with a low pressure rinse.
  • If stubborn stains remain, apply RB Screen Wash, scrub & rinse.