Diamond Short Cut Squeegee Sharpener

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The small format, manual precision sharpener for squeegees 20” (51cm) or less. This portable table-top design fits anywhere and comes equipped with a single industrial strength diamond sharpening wheel.

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  • Sharpens a wide range of squeegee materials (some materials sharpen better than others*), including single and multiple durometer.
  • Uniform grinding pressure and adjustment for material removal.
  • Secures squeegee by the blade during sharpening.
  • Accommodates various squeegee holders.
  • Includes one industrial strength diamond wheels with a 5-year warranty against diamond wear with normal use.


Additional Information

Selection of optional grit sizes and profiles including custom designed diamond wheels.


Consider the quality and age of the material as well as how clean it is.


1. Identify the type of material. Different squeegee blades sharpen differently. Most polyurethane, neoprene, and rubber blades sharpen well. A few, however, are made with special formulations that impart very high abrasion resistance. Such blades may take a long time to sharpen and overheat during the process. Others have thermoplastic fillers added for ease of fabrication and sharpening. These may melt at relatively low temperatures. If you have such problems or questions about your material, please contact us.


2. Check for aging of the material. Most polyurethane squeegees will experience modifications to their physical characteristics with time. Signs of aging include: changed durometer, lost resilience, and lowered melting point. When this happens, the squeegee will tend to melt onto the sharpening wheel or show a fractured edge after sharpening.

  • SHARPENING LENGTH: DSC-020; DSC-220: 20”(51cm).
  • SHARPENING PROFILE: A single straight/square-edge wheel is supplied as standard (other profiles and custom wheels available).
  • DIAMOND WHEEL GRIT: #120 supplied standard (other grit sizes available).
  • MATERIAL REMOVAL: Recommended rate not more than 0.0025’’ (0.05-0.10mm) in a single pass.
  • BLADE HEIGHT TOLERANCE: +/- 0.006’’ (0.15mm) measured from end to end.
  • POWER REQUIREMENT: DSC-020 = 115-120v AC 2Amp; DSC-220 = 220-230v AC 1Amp - Please specify according to local requirements.
  • PHYSICAL SIZE: Table top unit: Length: 30”(76cm) Height: 14”(36cm) Width: 12”’(30cm).