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Saati Mesh is a type of mesh known for its thread durability, which can hold high tension levels and resist tearing and popping while on press. It's been trusted by the plastisol textile industry for decades. The Saati Mesh Panels are woven into a plastic locking strip that replaces glues, ensuring that chemicals won't degrade the mesh mechanism on the panel or frame. This innovative design extends the longevity of the mesh, allowing for a longer print cycle. Every part of the Saati Mesh is 100% recyclable.


Saati Mesh contains the same high tension, low elongation characteristics known throughout the globe. This offering is a standard precision woven fabric that is excellent for textile, glass, and low mesh count applications. The absence of treatment as well as the tailored specification offerings allows for the reduced price, promoting cost savings to those who do not reclaim screens or have a high turn over in screen processing.


Hi-DRO, or thin thread, has long been the standard for printing water-based ink. Its thinner thread profile and wider dimensional openings allows water-based inks to flow through easily. Printers experience less screen clogging compared to standard mesh. Thin thread mesh lets you maintain and print higher levels of detail. Emulsion and ink are not restrained since the threads take up less space. Over the last several years, more shops have been gravitating towards using Hi-DRO for their plastisol prints, especially for their base prints.

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  • No adhesive failures
  • Restretch in house in 1-2 minutes
  • No need to ship frames back for re-stretching
  • No potential mesh damage during frame shipment
  • Offered in a variety of mesh counts
  • Free your floorplan from stretching equipment and still stretch in-house
  • Recycle both the mesh and strips after use