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The first stencil moisture meter, the TQM™ Aqua-Check™ determines when the stencil is dry enough to expose. The TQM Aqua-Check meter detects hidden moisture instantly. It is a fast and accurate measurement that prevents you from having to take chances with your stencil.


The battery-operated contact meter provides direct readings of the residual moisture content in coated (and dried) screens to ultimately prevent pinholes and premature stencil breakdown. A screen that is not dried thoroughly before exposure will not harden effectively, and is vulnerable to these deficiencies. The Aqua-Check’s modest cost can save you big outlays in press downtime and stencil remakes. For use on polyester and nylon screen mesh.


The TQM Aqua-Check meter is placed directly on the surface of the emulsion. With a press of the button, the percentage of retained moisture content is displayed on an easy-to-read dial. The dial’s color-coded fields simultaneously translate the reading quickly and effortlessly, indicating whether the screen has reached optimum dryness or requires further drying before exposure.

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