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Thermal Transfer PET Film For Screen Printing is suitable for plastisol inks, solvent based PU inks and water based PU inks. It is designed for both cold & hot peel to heat transfer your screen printed image. It is the ideal media for production of transfers applied to workwear, sportswear and other difficult substrates as well as traditional cotton and synthetic materials. 


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Additional Information

  • Easy release, instant peeling
  • Dimensional stability and lie flat properties
  • Good curl resistance, minimum shrinkage
  • Easy handling, safe and easy to use
  • Gloss and satin finished
  • Easy image positioning
  • Good consistency
  • Instant hot, warm and cold peel applications
  • Release all type of inks
  • Low, medium and high release strength
  • Custom and specialized coating
  • Antistatic
  • Heat stabilized
  • Transparent, flexible
  • Resistance to tear, humidity, temperature and ageing
  • High resolution screen and digital printed images

Transfer by pressure & heat (160˚C/320˚F) by 2 methods.

A. COLD PEELING: Transfer takes 20-30 seconds after passing through the thermal press.

B. HOT PEELING: Immediate transfer after passing through the thermal press.