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Stampinator Dryer and Inline Heat Press For Automatic Screen Printing Presses

Stampinator Dryer and Inline Heat Press For Automatic Screen Printing Presses - Anatol Vector / Side Clamp (S-002)


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The Stampinator can be added to any automatic screen print press and can be used either as a flash dryer to matte down fibers and cure the under base or a heat press to either heat press transfers or do a final cure on press without the need of a conveyor dryer. The Patented Stampinator 480 can improve your screen print quality and labor efficiencies as it will deliver ultimate quality, 30% ink saving and increased versatility. 


Make your prints better and automate your transfers by:

  • Stamp Flashing The Underbase (replaces first flash, roller, or iron which saves a printhead)
  • Matting down fibers prior to printing
  • In-Line Heat Transfer
  • In-Line Screen Numbers
  • In-Line Speciality Applications like Foil and Rhinestones
  • In-line Stamp Curing completing a final cure on press
  • And much more


Flash speeds range between 2-5 seconds.

Capability of producing over 480 transfers per hour.

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Proven Methods for Using the Stampinator on Automatic Screen Printing Presses

3 In 1 Stamp Flash: Replacing a standard quarts or IR flash with the Stampinator simultaneously

  • Creates the Ultimate Print Surface

    Use the Stampinator in head one to pre heat press any garment, smoothing fibers, removing lint, and warming the print surface.

  • Mattes Down Fibers

    Builds the ultimate underbase and reduces the ink deposit needed as the Stampinator mattes down fibers.

  • Flash in 2-3 Seconds

    At a controlled temperature, the Stampinator flashes garments in 2-3 seconds.

  • Save Press Space

    Replaces the need for a roller head and maintaining a consistent platen temperature without overheating.

  • Replaces Conveyor Dryer

    Use the Stampinator in the last head to on contact cure on press without the need of a conveyor dryer and load directly onto a staging cart.



What if You Could Press Transfers as Fast as Your Press Could Print?

With the Patented technology of the Stampinator, you can turn any automatic screen printing press into the fastest heat transfer machine you’ve ever seen.

  • Transform Your Transfers

    Convert any automatic press into the ultimate transfer machine capable of producing over 480 transfers per hour. 

  • Increase Productivity

    With the rise of quality and versatility for specialty print placements and print on demand transfers and DTF, the Stampinator increases your shops productivity by over 400%.

  • Save Space

    Now you can use the space you were using for your old heat press for something else.


Learn More About The Stampinator On The InkPod Podcast

Additional Information

The Stampinator Universal (S-001) version fits:

  • Brown (All Presses)
  • M&R Copperhead
  • M&R Flex Plus
  • M&R Gauntlet & Gauntlet 3 2019 Lower
  • M&R Gauntlet Series 2
  • M&R Sportsman
  • ROQ (All Presses)
  • Workhorse Saber
  • Workhorse Cutlass


The Stampinator Side Clamp (S-002) version fits:

  • Anatol Vector
  • Anatol Volt
  • M&R Diamondback
  • Tas (All Presses)


The Stampinator XL (S-003) version fits:

  • M&R Callenger 3
  • M&R Cobra
  • M&R Gauntlet 2020 Up
  • M&R Striker


The Stampinator Small Format (S-001SF) version fits:

  • M&R Copperhead Pro Flex
  • M&R Copperhead Pro Max
  • Workhorse Freedom
  • Weight: 52 lbs
  • Electrical: 3600W / 16AMPS / 220V
  • Dimensions: W 20.5" x L 31" x H 5.5"
  • Platen: 16" x 20"
  • 2 Year Warranty on heat platen, full one year warranty on machine
  • Fully digital temperature control 32° - 600°
  • US Patent #: US9486995B2

Heat Conductive Rubber is a unique closed cell silicone sponge that has very fine ceramic particles mixed in the polymer to enhance its thermal properties.  This expanded, conductive rubber helps distribute pressure and protect delicate materials in the heat press. The rubber mounts between the teflon and the platen.


Adding the Green Rubber allows you to print and stamp over the seams. You can now matte fibers and cure the UB printing on almost anything with a seam such as V-necks, Tank Tops, Ladies and Youth Tees on large pallets. 


  • Green Rubber


  • Green Rubber

  • Green Rubber


Our Teflon is a 10mil allowing for the perfect cushion for every print. The 26" long Teflon Sheet mounts on the tensioner under the Stampinator 480. The tensioner allows for a tight fit laying flush to the platen. The sheet is 16" x 26"


  • Teflon


  • Teflon


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