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Squeegee & Flood Bar Recirculation Washer

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The Squeegee & Flood Bar Recirculation Washer is the first air-driven parts washer designed to quickly and efficiently remove all types of ink from squeegees and floodbars.


Recirculation System Includes:

  • ESS-1 Pump
  • Small Baffle Box
  • 1 Ori-Flow Washer Brush


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Additional Information

  • White welded 3/8” polypropylene construction
  • Large accommodating sink 48" wide x 27" deep
  • Convenient draining ledge to dry tools
  • Solvent resistant hosing
  • Includes 1 Ori-Flow washer brush.

1. Remove reservoir tank lid and pour approved EasiSolv or PlastiSolv into reservoir tank to several inches below top of tank and replace lid.

2. Turn on air supply to pumping system, while holding brush inside of booth. SLOWLY turn green valve on the gauge to prime system correctly.

3. EasiSolv will begin to flow out of the brush and into the booth, draining back into the recirculating reservoir tank.

4. You can now begin cleaning your squeegees and flood bars.



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