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Ideal for if you’re looking for an all-in-one design and production platform for driving a cutter, then CutPro is the industry leading go-to choice.


With hundreds of cutter drivers to choose from, SignLab CutPro offers a complete vinyl cutting design and production workstation that is feature rich in text composition, design, layout and production tools. Rather than switch between design software and cutting software, SignLab CutPro is a single package solution that combines design features and cutting capabilities. CutPro’s all in one design offers Power weed, nesting, customer proofs via email and dozens more tools, from one easy to use interface.


Best of all, the combination of design and production means you only need to setup and configure SignLab CutPro one time, then create and cut all your work from one software package.

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  • Superior Performance and Connectivity

  • Unlimited Layout/Design Options

  • Production Power Tools

  • Professional Typography and Text

  • Printing Tools - Exceptional, High-Fidelity Color Accuracy

  • Cutting Tools - Cutter Workflow Support


Additional Information

Superior Performance and Connectivity

  • Windows™ 10, 8 and 7 support
  • Full 64/32 bit o/s compatibility
  • Unicode™ standard language compliance
  • Clipart manager, instant online and local access to 1,000,000’s of royalty free images
  • Easily customizable work space options
  • CMYK and RGB file support
  • Corel DRAW! direct workflow plug-ins (incl. Corel X8 and X7)
  • Adobe latest design application direct workflow plug-ins
  • Native .pdf workflow support- import, link, publish (w/color matching), edit
  • Import virtually any design files (incl. designs from competitive sign design products and .SVG/.STL
  • Direct “X” enhanced drawing
  • Optimized memory handling-acclerated bitmap redraws on large files
  • Save program preset preferences on re-installs
  • Multiple instances simultaneously
  • OLE support
  • Search and replace (text/objects)
  • Wide variety of adjustable “select object” tools
  • Job notes/statistics saved
  • Email job proofs
  • Customizable job proof tools


Unlimited Layout/Design Options

  • Layer manager
  • InstantReply - copy special effects to text or objects from others instantly
  • Cut Effects- decorative cut, gaps and overlaps supported
  • Inline/outline
  • Shadows- perspective, cast, drop, block
  • Metamporhosis and other distortion effects
  • Weld objects and text (5 options)
  • Automatic trapping with bleed and choke options
  • Clipping/masking
  • Dimensioning, measuring, add labels
  • Decorative borders collection
  • Automatic striping
  • Bezier node editing
  • 30+ barcode designs supported
  • Simplified page management
  • Enhanced rulers and dials design tools
  • Snap to object
  • Fit object to path
  • External/internal Contour Fill support
  • Parametric shapes drawing (stars, circles, rectangles, fan, arrows, spiral)
  • Auto convert object to shape
  • Unique, advanced stroke/line tools incl. constant stretch, convert to cut outlines
  • Scale, size, fit, align, flip
  • Grids and guides incl. vertical, horizontal, angled, lock
  • Rhinestone garment decorating tool set also included


Production Power Tools

  • Standard nesting
  • Badges- variable data and serialization incl. move column data, badge multiple jobs on single page, plate object support
  • EasyDock of multiple manufacturer and custom color palettes
  • Arrays
  • Digitizing
  • Vectorization Wizard (including centerline tracing)
  • Registration marks- supporting most popular printer and cutter combinations
  • Object total area calculator


Professional Typography and Text

  • WYSIWYG text layout (horizontal, vertical, left to right, right to left)
  • 1100+ fonts plus TrueType, Corel, PostScript, URW and AutoCAD font support
  • Complete type/font controls incl. size (manual and point), case, bold, italic and much more
  • Text kerning, interactive and automated
  • Automated text compression
  • Mutiple text selection
  • Menu-board creator, automated menu-type layouts (alignment, rows, columns, spacing)
  • Font Detective: simple identification of fonts
  • Font Creator: create unique, custom fonts
  • Extended text character viewer
  • Copy/apply text attributes
  • Optimized font management (organize fonts in groups)
  • Enhanced spell checking
  • “Fit text to”- arc, path, frame, arc angle rotation
  • Bi-directional font preview (Hebrew/Arabic)
  • Embed fonts in saved files


Cutting Tools - Cutter Workflow Support

  • All the latest vinyl cutters supported; Graphtec, Roland, Mutoh, Summa, Ioline, Saga and many more (200+) 
  • Complete print and cut support (separate devices, hybrid devices)
  • Automated ContourCut application w/auto-bleed
  • Automated HalfCut application (decals, stickers)
  • Cut preview
  • PowerWeed- pre-set weed cut lines for complex weeding work
  • Interactive tiling/paneling
  • Cut time estimator
  • Cut sorting
  • Tool tracker
  • Multi-cut passes for thick materials
  • Auto schedule and archive cut files
  • Cut contour lines in linked EPS and PDF files