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The Shur-Chek 130 Tension Meter measures tensions in both the warp and weft directions of your mesh for greater accuracy.


The bi-directional Shur-Loc® Shur-Chek 130 Tension Meter is the perfect compliment to anyone using the Shur-Loc® fabric panel or traditional fabric stretching. Jeweled movement insures accuracy to +/- 1% for the full scale of the dial. Measures 0 – 130 N/cm. Its indicator is manufactured to AGD design specifications to ensure the most accurate readings possible. The Shur-Chek 130 measures the deflection of all screen printing fabrics to easily maintain suggested tolerances.


The steel base and heavy duty aluminum indicator case are designed for the most extreme production floor environments. The engineered design of the indicator movement and base mechanism allow for a greater resistance to impacts and jarring. Included with your Shur-Chek 130 Meter is a Heavy-duty, dedicated plastic hard case with patented unbreakable latch, a precision die cut custom foam interior to firmly hold and protect your tension meter and a 5/8” thick glass zeroing standard.

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DIMENSIONS 20 × 20 × 20 cm