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The SEIT SL10 Textile Bridge Laser Series incorporates a CO2 textile laser on a galvanometric (scanning) head and a custom length bridge beam and provides working (cutting) fields of 300mm X 300mm or 500mm x 500mm.

With a fluid movement of the laser beam at 2.5m / second, the SEIT SL10 is engineered for maximum throughput and reliability. The water-cooling system eliminates the extensive maintenance and cool-down time associated with the air-cooled systems found on other brands. It all adds up to production rates up to 4 times faster than other systems.

The bridge laser is available in custom sizes. C shaped supports keep the beam length free of obstructions to accommodate virtually any size or combination of embroidery machines with minimal floor space. It is easily expandable and works with all brands of multi-head embroidery machines.

The bridge laser is professionally installed by Factory-Certified Staff Technicians. Both the bridge beam and laser head are carefully aligned to your individual machinery. The laser’s cutting focus is calibrated to 9 points throughout the cutting field on each individual embroidery head.

The bridge laser also provides real-time remote support via the internet. Laser functions can be controlled, diagnosed and updated remotely in a matter of minutes.

Laser Tube CO2
Continuous laser power 60W / 80W / 100W / 100W(P)
Head Max Speed 12.000 cm/sec
Pulsed Laser Power 75W / 100W / 120W / 400W
Working Area Fixed 300x300mm or 500x500mm
Precision on Positioning X Axis 0.01mm
Translation Speed Max 2.500 cm/sec
Test Table 700x600mm
Voltage Single Phase, 220V + N + P.E.
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