Manual Screen Coater Rack (With or Without Wall Mount)

Manual Screen Coater Rack (With or Without Wall Mount) - Wall Mounted


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The Vastex C-100 Screen Coater Rack holds your screen securely allowing you to coat consistently with two hands. The C-100 can be mounted to your wall to free up floor space, or you can add-on an optional stand with or without wheels so you can easily move it around your shop.


What is a screen coating holder and why do you need one? Are you holding the scoop coater with one hand while trying to hold the screen still with the other hand? Stop fighting against yourself and improve the quality of your coated screens by using “two hands” when applying emulsion to screens.  With a screen holding rack, your screen is held securely while you coat with "two hands", which greatly improves control. You will coat screens faster and the emulsion will be applied with greater consistency.

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Features And Highlights


  • Holds screen lengths 23" (60cm), 28" (70cm), 31" (80cm), 36" (90cm)
  • No tools needed to make height or screen length adjustments
  • Wall-mount hardware as standard
  • Quick height adjustment
  • Includes scoop coater shelf


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