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PRETREATmaker BASIC is a low-end beginner model to pretreat textiles for Direct to Garment Printing. The unit is aimed at users that are new to DTG printing and have low production output.

The PRETREATmaker BASIC is equipped with one nozzle. The maximum spray area is 40 cm in width and 45 cm in length. Width cannot be adjusted but length can be regulated in 9 steps (5 cm intervals). With the beginner model the user can spray uni- and bi-directional. Spray output can be regulated with the speed of the carriage.

The machine does have a big side wall that can be opened for interior cleaning. The unit does come with 3 tanks (2 x 2 L Precoating, 1 x 2 L Cleaner or Water). With a switch valve it is possible to change between the different tanks.

The unit does have a drain for excess precoating liquid in the back. The waste tank volume is 2 L.

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Additional Information

  • Single spray nozzle
  • Up to 15.7˝″ × 17.7˝
  • Small footprint (27.6˝ × 17.7˝ × 21.9˝)
  • Full enclosed unit contains spray mist
  • Adjustable spray length in 2˝ increments
  • Three tank system (2 pretreat and 1 water)



  • Spraying area: H 40 cm x L 45 cm
  • Nozzles: 1
  • Spray way: uni- / bidirectional
  • Spraying method: Nozzles are moving over the table (inside)
  • Nozzle material: Plastic inc. stailness steel
  • Touchpad-Display: No
  • Save position: No
  • Motor: Step motor
  • Pumps: 1
  • Tanks: 4x 2 L
  • Automatic nozzle cleaning: No
  • Cleaning the nozzle after work (end of day): Multistep process
  • Automatic pump cleaning: No
  • Automatic cleaning with picture in the display: No
  • Picture maintenance / daily handling: No
  • High-end filter in the carriage: No
  • Cleaning extern the nozzle: Yes
  • Barcode interface: No
  • Scale: No
  • Waste tank: Yes
  • Multilingual menu: No menu (only numbers)
  • Metric/inch: Yes
  • Ergonomic reformed drawer: No
  • Superuser function: No
  • Dimension: T 70.5 x B 50.5 x H 55.5 cm
  • Dimension transport: T 80 x B 58 x H 72 cm
  • Weight: 38 kg
  • Weight transport: 47 kg
  • Connection: 220/230 oder 110/120 VAC
  • Consumption: 150 W
  • Power input: 2 A
  • Main fuse: 12 A
  • Operating pressure precoating pump: approx. 5,5 bar
  • Operating pressure water pump: No second pump

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