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Replacement Filters for Phoenix Air 16x20 Curing Oven

Replacement Filters for Phoenix Air 16x20 Curing Oven - Default Title


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HEPA and Carbon Replacement Filters for the Phoenix Air 16x20 Curing Oven.


NOTE: Recommended to replace filters every 1~3 months depending on usage.

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The process starts with a DTF printer laying down specialized inks onto special plastic PET films. These films are known as DTF Transfer Films. Then, DTF hot-melt adhesive powder, a white granular product, is applied to the printed transfer film. The powder is evenly applied to the film with a powder shaker. The powder only sticks to the areas that have ink on them. The powder shaker literally shakes off the excess powder off the film. The film is then transported into a small curing oven that is used to melt and bind the hot melt powder onto the transfer film. The hot-melt adhesive does not actually release fumes at this stage because of the nature of the thermoplastic adhesives used.


However, the oven boils away the excess liquid from the inks and creates a fog. The dense, oily fog is made up of a concentration of tiny liquid droplets. This is where fume extraction is required. Our DTF portable fume extractors are specifically designed to capture these microscopic droplets. This is necessary to keep the work environment, product and equipment clean and fog-free. Our DTF portable fume extractor features reinforced liquid-resistant prefilters and Hydrophobic HEPA filters for efficient and reliable removal of fog particles. A liquid reservoir is built into each fume extractor to capture excess liquids that build up within the system which then can be drained at your convenience.


Once the transfer film is complete with ink and adhesive layers applied and oven cured, a Heat Press is used to transfer the designed embellishment onto fabric or garment without any additional release of fumes.