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Save time and money by registering your multi-color screen printing jobs quicker and easier with this great new screen printing supply item - PMI Registration Tape. This clear, low tack screen printing registration tape is perfect for manual and automatic screen printing machines. It is a huge time saver for registering all of your screen printing jobs. The visually clear tape allows you to see through.


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Apply the #918 Registration Tape over the top of the garment before printing the garment. Print multiple colors on top of the #918 Registration Tape. If a color is out of registration, the ink wipes off of the surface of the #918 Registration Tape allowing you to adjust the registration and test again. When the colors are in registration and you’re ready to print, the #918 Registration Tape will remove cleanly from the garment

  • Roll Size: 16”X200’
  • Material: Removable Adhesive on Flexible Clear Polyethylene
  • Adhesive Thickness: 0.5 mil
  • Polyethylene Thickness: 2.3 mil
  • Tensile Strength: 8.0 lb/in
  • Adhesion: 13.5 oz/in