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Use RB Vibra DTF Clog Buster only when the printer heads can’t be recoverable with regular cleaning solution.


1. Move head carriage away from capping station.
2. Place clog buster solution in head cap and pour right until its about to overflow (Dome effect)
3. Move head carriage back using the printer option or manually by shutting off the machine, moving the carriage back and lining the print heads with the head caps on the capping assembly.
4. Let print heads soak for 5-10 Minutes and test to see if recovered.
5. Repeat Steps 1-3 and increase the amount of time soaked to 30 minutes.

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      • Shake gently before use
      • Store by closing the container
      • Do not inhale or ingest
      • Avoid flame, sparks, static electricity, and other ignition sources
      • Dispose in a safe manner in accordance with local/national regulations
      • View MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for additional information