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Matsui Pro Series 350H excels is premium hand feel, extreme washability, and excellent colour vibrancy. Hybrid blend ink for spot colour and some halftone work.


Pro 350H White is a high Stretch White ink, print finish and hand feel improve when using low mesh and more layers. Designed to maintain sharp, crisp print edges.


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    Additional Information

    • Hybrid Blend Waterbased Inks

    • PVC and VOC Free

    • Ready to Print - Fixer built in standard

    • Ideal for all types of fabrics, use Matsui Kombat blocker to stop dye migration on problematic fabrics

    • Superior wash and color fastness

    • Designed for spot color printing

    • Halftones possible, recommend adding Matsui 301 series for increased open time


    • Use thin-thread mesh for best coverage and maintain detail
    • Wet on Wet Printing on spot color and halftones
    • Maintain 120F to 130F pallet temperature
    • Curetime 290F for 1:00, increased wash performance at 290F for 1:45
    • Matsui Kombat blocker to stop dye migration on problematic fabrics


    Special Recommendations:

    • Fabrics: Cotton, Polyester*, Spandex*, Lycra, Nylon**
    • Mesh: Type: Thin Thread Count: 122-160, 230***
    • Squeegee: 65 Shore, Sharp Edge, 7-15 degree angle
    • Stencil: Low Mesh: 2/2 round edge, High Mesh: 1/1 round edge, Offcontact: 5 mm
    • Flash: Medium Heat, Medium Time
    • Cure: 260F for 1:45 (Confirm with Internal Testing), 290F for 1:00, 290F for 1:45 (Improved Wash Fastness)
    • Heatpress: Inline Heat Press: 200F 5 secs, Inline Iron: 200F slow movment, Do not need pre-flash
    • Pigment: Up to 10% pigment load, 20% pigment possible, use a clear coat to improve crocking
    • Additives: 3-5% Retarder MG, 1-2% RV additive
    • Clean Up: Water and Mild Detergent
    • Shake ink gently or stir before use to avoid ink separation
    • Store by closing the container
    • Do not inhale or ingest
    • Avoid flame, sparks, static electricity, and other ignition sources
    • Dispose in a safe manner in accordance with local/national regulations
    • View MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for additional information

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