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Also known as: Pallet Protection Tape.  Protect your printing pallet surfaces from ink leaks, spills and spray adhesives. Pallet Guard™ paper tape is used by T-shirt printers to reduce cleanup time by 75%. Solvent exposure won't disintegrate tape adhesive, yet it removes quickly and easily, leaving no residue on the print pallet.  


Apply tape to platen, trim off excess edges and apply textile adhesives as needed.  When this gets loaded with too much adhesive, or ink from design bleed, simply tear off the sheet to expose a perfectly clean platen.  Faster and cheaper than using adhesive removers.


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Additional Information

  • Won't disintegrate with solvent exposure
  • Protects pallets from ink spillage
  • Prevents buildup of adhesives
  • Removes easily leaving no residue
  • Reduces overall clean up time