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Peel & Stick Soft Top Rubber 17" x 24"

Peel & Stick Soft Top Rubber 17" x 24" - Default Title


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Simply peel the backing liner from the tape and you are ready to laminate the rubber to the pallets. 17" x 24" Pre Cut Rubber is for 16" x 22" pallets. The rubber is 1/8" thick and is the same rubber used on all of our pallets.

It eliminates all contact adhesives. It is an 80% time savings and 100% ecologically friendly option. There are no fumes, no cleanup, no hazardous materials, and it's easy and fast!

  • No prep-time
  • No cleanup
  • No fumes
  • No glue
  • No hazardous materials
  • No paint rollers
  • Pre-cut Peel and Stick Soft Top Rubber is ready to ship for your pallets!

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