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Neon Orange - Apocalypse LB Series

Neon Orange - Apocalypse LB Series - 1 Gallon


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The Apocalypse LB Colours are a universal LOW CURE plastisol screen printing colour system that will print on virtually any fabric.  These highly opaque inks are so opaque, that in some instances, they don't require an under base to print, even on dark garments. They are not only highly opaque, but are still creamy, have a matte finish, and good drape.  Not like the old days where High Opacity inks were stiff and thick.  
This ink will cure as low as 280°F for printing onto today's modern fabric types and are superb when printing onto polyester. The Apocalypse LB Colours also work best when printing on Polyester Blend, Tri-Blends, Poly/Cotton, Cotton, and stretch fabrics.


Unlike most colour systems on today's market, the Monarch mixing colours are used for mixing AND are used as stock colours ready to use straight out of the bucket. If that wasn't good enough, the Monarch system uses the same white Yeti White LB for mixing AND production. (Used as under base or highlight white)


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    Additional Information

    • Creamy, short body plastisol

    • High opacity and great coverage

    • Good bleed resistance at a wide temperature range

    • Very versatile ink

    • Fast flash

    • Easy to print

    • Ultra soft hand

    • Light weight with good drape

    • Universal - print on virtually any fabric

    • No under base needed on most colours

    • Wet Ink Tack: Low

    • Surface Appearance: Satin Finish

    • Bleed Resistance: Good

    • Opacity: High

    • Gel point: 160 °F

    • Flash Temp: 230° - 250°F

    • Fusion Temp: 280° - 320° F

    • Squeegee Blade: 70° - 80° durometer

    • Mesh Count: 86 – 300 mc in

    Print Apocalypse LB Colors straight from the container through mesh ranging from 86 to 300 mc without modifications of the viscosity. Use finer mesh counts for softest hand and good opacity. Stir ink before use.

    65°F to 95°F avoid direct sunlight. Never exceed temperatures above 95°F during storage

    Stir plastisol ink before printing. Any modifiers and additives should be mixed in clean containers using clean mixer blades and ink knives. Any contamination from other ink sources could make the ink test positive for restricted phthalates. Do not dry clean, iron or bleach the printed image.


    Perform fusion tests before production. Failure to cure ink properly can result in poor wash fastness, inferior adhesion, and unacceptable durability.


    Adjust flash cure temperature and dwell time so ink is just dry to touch. Avoid excessive flash temperatures to protect fabric and migration of dyes. If surface is hot and tacky, the ink film has been over flashed. Reduce temperature or time to prevent an inter-coat adhesion problem.


    Curing is a time and temperature process, a lower oven temperature setting with a slower belt speed while maintaining recommended ink cure temperature is always best to protect fabric, control dye migration and reduce energy consumption.


    Apocalypse LB Colors can be cured between 280°F - 300°F. Running at the higher end of the temperature range and/or longer dwell times maybe required to achieve proper cure on jobs that contain cotton, high ink deposits or heavy weight garments.


    *Note: Poorly dyed polyester or too much heat in the curing process can overcome any low bleed inks ability to block the migration. For sever migration use a barrier base underlay.

    The Monarch Blending System is a PMS blending system which is state of the art. The blending system enables you to accurately create most PMS colours with high opacity.


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