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Monarch Dye Migration and Bleed Test Kit

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This all new dye bleed test kit by Monarch is essential for printers who print on a lot of 100% Polyester and Poly blends. This dye bleed test kit allows you to affordably test fabrics for bleed properties prior to determining the best ink to use. Fabrics that bleed especially bad will call for low cure low bleed inks, while fabrics that don't bleed as bad can get away with standard low bleed inks that are much more affordable and easier to print with.


What's Included

  • 1000 cotton textile crock test squares
  • Dye test solution
  • Instructions on how to use

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      • Lay cotton Crockmeter Square fabric on transfer machine
      • Lay test fabric on top of Crockmeter Square
      • Apply 2 drops of S-270 Dye Test Solution to center of test fabric
      • Let sit for 30 seconds
      • Lay another Crockmeter Square on top of test fabric centering Dye Test Solution drops on Crockmeter Square
      • Heat press at 280°F (137°C) for 8 seconds
      • Remove from the press and check the white fabric for staining. The more stain present on the white fabric, the more severe the dye migration. Note: All polyester colors will migrate, this test is to gauge the severity of that migration allowing you to choose the proper Low Temp ink and determine if you will need a Grey Dye Blocker.
      • Test several known good fabrics (previous production runs) and compare the stain characteristics of those to the test stain to determine a pass/fail specification
      • Some results may require further testing with ink to determine if ink is sufficient to impede dye migration, or if Grey Dye blocker is required
      • Print design on suspect fabric (one that contains colored polyester)
      • Cut the printed design in two equal parts
      • Expose half of the design to 122°F (50°C) for 24 hours
      • This will simulate bleed from garment into the ink that would normally occur in 1 to 7 days
      • If bleed from garment is seen, grey dye blocker needs to be used