Kiian Digistar Hi Pro Dye-Sublimation Ink

Kiian Digistar Hi Pro Dye-Sublimation Ink - 2 Liter / Black


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Kiian Digistar Hi-Pro dye sublimation ink is designed for use on medium and large format digital printers with a bulk ink system.  This dye sub ink fully exploits their high speed capabilities, reliability and predictability.  The ink dries quickly allowing for higher production speeds with less damages. 


The Digistar Hi-Pro ink will save you money with it's high density color gamut which will allow you to print less ink while still giving you bright colors and excellent vibrancy.


Ideal for transferring onto polyester fabrics such as sports wear and interior decoration


Compatible with EPSON DX4, DX5, DX7 piezo print head technology.  


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Additional Information

It is recommended to let the product reach operative conditions in terms of temperature and humidity at least 24 hours prior to use, taking care of not stirring it, and apply the product under controlled conditions:




The ink is ready to use and it is recommended to use it through the external feeding system (INK FEEDER, CODE M4087..), so that a steady printing quality is assured.


The printed paper must be transferred hot, through calender or flat press, at a temperature between 180-220°C during a varying time, between 180” and 30’’.


Time and temperature may vary, depending on the type and nature of the material, which the transfer is made onto.

  • It is recommended to always make printing, drying and transfer tests onto the substrates which are meant to be used, so as to exactly determine features, working time and effects to be obtained.
  • Extreme drying conditions near the printer carriage could compromise the quality of the prints.
  • Require safety data sheets, available for all products, and always follow the contained instructions regarding all the specific information and the environmental safety.
  • The ink performance is strictly connected to the used plotter model and printing procedure.

It is recommended to keep the product away from light and heat sources at a temperature lower than 25° C.