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J-NEXT SUBLY JXS 65 is the new generation water based ink for digital sublimation applications. It has been meticulously developed by J-Lab to offer high quality performances on any piezo digital printer but particularly on those equipped with DX6 and DX7 printing heads. This is possible thanks to the innovative CLUSTER TECHNOLOGY, the exclusive system studied by J-TECK to encapsulate the pigment molecules allowing for a smooth passage through the printing heads with no alteration. The innovative formulation of J-NEXT JXS 65 guarantees fast drying on paper, excellent color release and image definition, optimal ink fluidity and printability.


Substrates to be printed: Polyester & polyammid fabrics, mixed synthetic fabrics (min. 60% of synthetic  fibres), plastic substrates used in the manufacturing of sport equipment such as skis, snowboards, wakeboards, every substrates (wood, glass, ceramics) overprinted with polyester-based coating.


Applications: sportswear and outerwear, gadgets, game clothes, towels, skis, snowboards, wakeboards, flags and banners, gadgets.


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  • TRANSFER PRINTING: the printed paper must be transferred hot, through calender or press, at a temperature between 200-210°C during a varying time, between 60-30 seconds.
  • It is recommended to keep the product away from light and heat sources at a temperature lower than 25°C