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The Portable Base can be used with the majority of the hoop fixtures. The Portable Base is helpful when hooping backs of caps, shirt cuffs, shirt sleeves, shirt collars, pant legs, bags, towels, blankets, embroider-able stuffed animals, and much more. Paired with the T-Square, this is the ultimate hooping companion. The T-Square eliminates the need to pre-measure and mark garments. This Board can be mounted on the edge of a table / workspace or can be placed on the portable base.


*Note: Mighty Hoops and Tajima Tubular Frame not included

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    • Great for hooping t-shirts, polos, bags, jackets, towels, sweaters, aprons, pants, and more. 
    • Helps align and apply Mighty Hoops to garments  
    • Makes the hooping process quick, easy, accurate, and consistent  
    • Hoop garments without having to mark the fabric 
    • Magnetic backing flaps hold your backing in place 
    • Collar markings to line up the collars of your garments 
    • Number and letter grid to set up logo placement 
    • Sizing guide based on the size and gender of the garment 
    • T-Square measures across the item to ensure the design placement is in the middle of your garment 
    • FreeStyle arm helps you accurately hoop smaller items  

    The HoopMaster Fixture makes it easy to hoop up garments - ensuring correct positioning and tension as well as holding the backing in place. The fixture arms are made to withstand the brutal conditions of a fulfillment center - they hold the hoop perfectly square with the work surface and directly over the lower ring. In addition, the lower ring cut out is specifically milled for the appropriate hoop size - this holds the lower hoop in place without it slipping or moving around when attempting to hoop. Not only does it hold it in place, but also has a raised rim to recess the hoop at the correct depth for the hoop and garment. Surrounding the hoop cutout are magnetic flaps that hold the backing material in place. There is no need to use tape, clips, or messy spray adhesive. All in all, the fixture makes life much easier.