Grunig G-COAT 406 (Automatic Screen Coating Machine)

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It's time to step up your game.  Manually coating screens is strenuous, exhausting and often inconsistent. The G-Coat 406 allows your growing shop to eliminate a key variable in the printing process without breaking the bank. Consistent screen coatings allows for consistent stencil thicknesses, consistent exposure times and ultimately, consistent print results.


The G-Coat 406 is a single screen, fully automatic coating machine for both manual and auto press screens. Are you limited on space but still require reproducible results while maximizing your production efficiency? With a small footprint, the G-Coat 406 will revolutionize the way you are able to coat screens and have control over one more variable in your process.


The included stand allows you to work at a comfortable height.  Once it's assembled, the coater is simply "plug & play."

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Additional Information

  • Recently developed coating machine of extremely compact and low-maintenance construction type
  • The machine is available in two sizes, for screens up to 700 x 1000 mm or 1000 x 1400 mm (25 x 39 or 39 x 55 inch)
  • The "PLUG & COAT" system has been designed for trouble-free installation and commissioning: unwrap – set up – coat
  • Top quality – low price
  • This machine provides for one-sided or double sided simultaneous screen coating.
  • To optimize the coating surface, the frame profile height can be adjusted within a range of 25 and 100 mm via a rotary knob on the control panel.
  • Safe reproducibility +/-1 micron
  • The machine has been constructed as a bench-top model; it can be operated on any work surface that offers sufficient stability.
  • To make sure that the machine can also be set up on the floor, an easy-to-mount sub-construction is available as an option.
  • Extremely smooth operation of the coating carriage thanks to the use of special sliding guides and a special toothed belt drive unit.
  • Patented coating trough G-COAT 401 included

Coating Parameters

  • Coating speed (15 - 65 mm/s)
  • Number of coatings on squeegee side (0 - 10)
  • Number of coatings on print side (0 - 10)
  • Flow time (0 - 10 seconds)
  • Frame profile height (25 - 100 mm)


Screen Format

Frame Width (SB) 700, 1000 mm
Frame Height (SH) 1000, 1400 mm
Frame profile height 25 - 100 mm
Frame profile thickness 5 - 40 mm


Width SB + 375 mm
Height SH + 500 mm
Depth 430 mm


Electric 110 V / 60 Hz (L+N+PE)
Compressed Air 1/4’’ / 6 bar / 10 l/min
Continuous Sound Pressure Level <70 dB (A)

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