Ghost Buster iSC (Stain and Haze Remover)

Ghost Buster iSC (Stain and Haze Remover) - 1 Quart


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Who you gonna call to remove stains, haze and ghost images from mesh?  That's right, Chromaline's Ghost/Buster iSC!

  • Powerful fast acting gel works in minutes
  • One part, ready to use formula removes the toughest stains
  • Low odor during use with pressure washer
  • Fast and easy application with stainless steel scoop coater
  • Non-drip gel works only where applied

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Wear safety glasses and gloves.


After ink and stencil have been removed, dry the mesh, then spread paste on stained areas.


Apply by coating with stainless steel scoop coater, 2 coats on each side of screen, or spread gel on screen with brush or screen scrubber.


Wait and let Ghost/Buster iSC penetrate the stain for a period ranging from 7 minutes to a maximum of 10 minutes.


Please note that exceeding 10 minutes may begin to weaken the mesh.


Pressure rinse screen from bottom to top with a pressure washer keep nozzle close to screen. Flood rinse screen with a garden hose to remove any residue after the pressure rinse.


For very tough stains, dry screen thoroughly before application (residual moisture diminishes effectiveness).