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GF 221 - Gloss White Semi-Rigid Vinyl with Clear Low-Tack Removable Adhesive

GF 221 - Gloss White Semi-Rigid Vinyl with Clear Low-Tack Removable Adhesive - 30 in x 150 ft


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Gloss White Semi-Rigid Vinyl is a 6.0 mil gloss white semi-rigid vinyl with a low-tack removable acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive on a 90# liner. This vinyl is designed to accept a variety of solvent-based, UV curable and latex inks common to wide format digital printing systems. Gloss White Semi-Rigid Vinyl is a removable decal film designed for ease of application of temporary interior or exterior signage, decals, nameplates, die-cut letters and point-of-purchase displays. Semi-Rigid films are easy to handle due to their rigidness and thus can be applied quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can I use GF 221 on other surfaces?

GF 221 works great with flat, smooth surfaces. It is a great solution for temporary store front applications requiring bond to windows.


  • What if I leave GF 221 on past it’s optimal removability time frame?

221 will always be removable, but you may have some percentage of adhesive transfer when left on past the 1 year clean removal timeline.


  • Can this product be used on Elevators?

These types of doors may have a clear coat or other type of protection. This product is not designed for coated/sealed/treated stainless steel, brass or bronze surfaces. It is best to contact the facility manager and determine the best product for this application.

Additional Information


  • Dry Apply
  • Die Cuttable
  • Flatbed Cuttable


  • Wet Apply
  • Laminating
  • Mounting
  • Hot Stamp
  • Thermal Die


  • Pop/Retail
  • Window
  • General Signage
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor


  • Wall
  • Wrap
  • Floor
  • Translucent
  • Fleet


  • Solvent
  • Eco-Solvent
  • Latex
  • UV Curable
  • Screen
  • Offset (UV Curable)


  • Offset (Conventional)


  • OEM Painted Metal
  • Painted Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Glass


  • Low-Energy Surfaces