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Matsui Foaming Base HT is a high concentration foam/puff for creating 3D prints. You can blend with Stretch Clear 301 or Stretch White 301 in various ratios depends on how much of puff effect is needed. And you can blend “Neo Pigments” and "Glow Pigments" up to 15% directly in to the base to create a variety of colors.


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    • Easy to mix and print

    • Create thousands of color shades by adding up to 15% Neo Pigments and Glow Pigments

    • More heat and time in dryer create more loft

    • Excellent printability with no viscosity modifications

    • Extremely soft hand feel that PVC inks cannot achieve

    • OEKO-TEX® Compliant, CPSIA and HR4040 Compliant

    • Is “PVC Free” and environmentally safe


    Print through mesh up to 110 mc in (43 mc cm) when cured between 320°F-370°F (160°C-188°C), Foaming Base HT produces the softest prints achievable in textile screen printing today.


    Special Recommendations:

    Foaming Base HT should be mixed in clean vessels using clean mixing blades and utensils. Any contamination from other ink sources or non-approved additives could make Foaming Base HT test positive for restricted PVC’s.

    • Use Retarder MG 1-5% to help with open time in the screen
    • Use Fixer WF-N 1-5% to help with wash fastness
    • Use Softener MG 1-4% to help penetrate in to the garment
    • Use Thickener B .25-1% to help thicken the ink
    • Use RV Additive 1-3% to reduce viscosity
    • Shake ink gently or stir before use to avoid ink separation
    • Store by closing the container
    • Do not inhale or ingest
    • Avoid flame, sparks, static electricity, and other ignition sources
    • Dispose in a safe manner in accordance with local/national regulations
    • View MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for additional information

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