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Ideal for shops looking to quickly and accurately produce vivid film prints for a wide application of uses, including garments and other items.


RIP software for creating screen printed films on most commonly used inkjet printers. Precision tools that provide ultimate screen quality and film densities while simplifying a complicated and critical process in your screen printing production cycle.


FilmMaker 10 DTP Plus supports virtually all inkjet printers up to and including 24″ in width using custom direct drivers or “direct to Windows™ driver interface”. Direct drivers available for most widely used Epson, Canon, and Ricoh printers.

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  • Get Up & Running Instantly With The Setup Wizard

    Designed for first time users, the printer/queue setup wizard enables quick and easy printer, ink and media setup using a simple step by step procedure.

  • Multiple Channel Blank Ink Support

    FilmMaker supports a variety of black ink configurations. Use the factory default printer manufacturer ink and black ink channel(s) or utilize any ink channel in your printer with third-party black inks.

  • Visual Production Manager

    Simultaneous, multiple printer, multiple queue job management support. Manage all production aspects in a single, intuitive production management console. VPM includes all required job preparation, scheduling and print setting options required to produce professional ink jet screen print films.

  • The Largest Selection of Supported Printers

    Specially designed custom printer drivers supporting more printer manufacturers and models than any other ink jet screen print film RIP software. From desktop to wide format printers by Epson™, Canon™, Ricoh™, Mutoh™, Roland™ and many more. FilmMaker also includes a “direct to driver” printing option which enables separations to be sent directly to any Windows-based printer driver already installed on the workstation thereby extending support to all printers used on Windows™ operating systems.




  • High Quality Precision Screening

    Filmmaker includes CADlink’s unique screening algorithms that provide exceptional quality within finely detailed, mid-tone, gradient, shadow as well as highlight areas. Utilizing true variable dot printing support (multiple sized dots within the same cell), FilmMaker provides unmatched screened output.

  • Eliminate More Patterns & Achieve the Highest Possible LPI Levels With Jitter

    When applied alongside FilmMaker’s default screening methods, Jitter™ provides a simple and flexible way in which to modify halftone screens in order to print screens in excess of 150 LPI using only inkjet printer technology.

  • In-Rip Separations

    FilmMaker will automatically detect incoming jobs that have been processed as separations in 3rd party software applications. Alternatively, for files that have not been previously separated, InRIP separations will identify all process as well as spot color planes within the file and automatically create separations.

  • Perfect Density Every Time Using The Ink Density Test Page Wizard

    Achieve optimum density levels with a single test print regardless of which ink/film combination is being used.

  • Complete Halftone Controls

    Apply halftones directly to jobs using frequency, angle and shape settings or enable the "application halftoning" option to utilize halftones already applied to files within third-party applications.


Additional Information

Leading Edge Technology Support & Connectivity

  • Windows® 10, 8, 7 support
  • Largest number of printer manufacturers and models supported by custom direct printer drivers (Epson®, Canon™, Roland®, Mimaki® and more)
  • Direct to driver printing option (using GDI interface) enables printing halftones to any windows based printer
  • Quick and easy initial set-up using printer/queue set-up wizard
  • Ink density wizard provides optimal ink volumes for variety of film options as well as third party inks
  • Lightning fast file throughput using 64 and 32 bit processing
  • Seamless.pdf file workflow
  • Virtually unlimited additional file support; png/svg/bmp/gif/jpg/tif/ psd/eps/ai
  • Drag and drop file support
  • International language support (Unicode)
  • Network printing with automated TCPIP port search for simplified network printer setup


Optimized Production Workflow

  • Print to multiple printers using multiple queues simultaneously
  • Hot folder support for automated sorting and printing of jobs
  • Multiple black ink channel support
  • Create multiple queues based on output type and requirements
  • Visual, interactive job display and layout
  • Print Preview in RIP to avoid potential production errors
  • Page overlay view mode
  • Job scheduling and prioritization (automatic pre-sets or manual)
  • Advanced registration mark set-up with “Production Markup” tools
  • Automated or manual nesting of jobs
  • Barcode support for automated production
  • Instant access to job information using “mouse over image”
  • RIP threading- faster multiple job processing
  • Job costing
  • Template support. Set up queues with repeatable, exact positioning of graphics
  • In-RIP separations automatically detect spot or process colors
  • Automatic detection of pre-separated files
  • Print customer proofs with color print option
  • Multi-copy with spacing controls
  • Job rotation
  • Scale image
  • Mirror/invert image
  • Cropping tools


Automated/Manual Advanced User Print Production Controls Provide Unmatched Output Quality

  • Advanced ink density controls
  • Precision halftone controls eliminate more patterns
  • Complete control of dot shape, sceen angle, frequency
  • True variable dot support (multiple size dots per cell) leverages advanced variable dot technology available in certain printers
  • Unique, industry-leading AM/FM screening algorithm, Jitter™
  • View raw data
  • Soft proofing
  • Film negative support