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Simple Operation

With the easy-to-use operable Cutter Control Panel software, available in many languages, the Eastman Hawk cutters are controlled from the PC. The windows user interface offers the user all graphical information of the cutting data. The mobile control pad essential functions such as navigation or setting the origin allow an effective operation

Multi-functional tool head

Combinable single and multi-functional tool heads with tangentially controlled tool holders and a large number of precision tools are available.

Vacuum technique

Up to 54 controllable vacuum zones hold even the smallest of remnants safely on the work surface.

System Sizes

Contact the factory for additional information.

Material clearance thickness

max. 1.8 inches depending on the tool head and protective underlay

Static repeatability

± 0.02 mm/m @ 20deg C (0.008 inch @ 68deg F)

Electric - control power / PC

200-210V, 3ph, 50/60Hz, 2.6kVA

Max. cutting speed

45 in/sec (Depending on the cutter size, cutter configuration and tool head)

Max. acceleration

1.15G (Depending on the cutter size, cutter configuration and tool head)

Electric - Vacuum Blower

208/230/380/460/575V, 50/60 Hz, 8.5 HP, VFD control

Operating temperature

+10 deg C up to +30degC (50F up to 86F)

Relative humidity

40 – 80% non-condensing

Maximum Acceleration

1.0 g


Achievable speeds and accelerations are tool-, material- and thickness dependent. All indicated speeds, dimensions, weights and performance data are approximate and subject to change without notice.

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