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Double Blade Squeegee 16" (For M&R Presses)

Double Blade Squeegee 16" (For M&R Presses) - Default Title


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Double Blade Squeegees are the single best investment you can make as an owner of automatic screen printing machines. Double Blades will significantly increase the opacity and resolution of your images while speeding up the printing process, here's how:


Plastisol is a highly viscous, thick ink, making it difficult to push through a fine mesh where the threads are close together. That is why screen printers often use coarse meshes when printing an underbase. The downside of using coarse meshes, however, is that the resolution of your final print depends on the resolution of your underbase. In order to push thick ink through a fine mesh, many screen printers opt to stroke their images twice - but that takes time, and time is money. The Double Blade Squeegee solves this problem.


After the flood bar loads ink into the mesh, the Double Blade Squeegee's first blade pushes ink through the mesh and onto the substrate. As some ink is still left on the screen, the second blade following within a fraction of an inch behind it is able to push the remaining ink through, giving you a higher resolution and stronger, more opaque print in a much shorter time than if you were to stroke an image twice with a standard squeegee. In fact, when industry consultant and screen printing guru Charlie Taublieb tested it out, he found a 30% increase in the amount of output possible with a Double Blade Squeegee! An extremely conservative estimate: if you print an hour or two per day, it pays for itself within a week. 

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  • The Double Blade Squeegees come with 55/90/55 durometer rubber for the front and 62/90/62 durometer rubber for the rear.
  • The second blade increases ink penetration through the mesh while saving time (compared with using a single blade to stroke twice).
  • Especially useful for pushing plastisol through small mesh openings.
  • Double Squeegee Cleaner included.