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DiDO Pro - 6 Drawer Drying Cabinet

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The DiDO Pro dryer has been designed to dry water-based, digitally printed inks. It is the ideal solution thanks to its reduced consumption and compact size. It is a 6 drawer system that utilizes hot air instead of infared. The hot air guarantees a final effect that cannot be replicated with the other drying solutions: the print keeps the colours vivid and remains flexible, soft and rough to the touch.


DiDO Shop is mainly studied to dry inks digitally printed on dark fabrics. It works well with generally long drying process with control of temperature and efficient air circulation. DiDO is ideal for small factories, laboratories and shops thanks to its reduced dimensions and low consumption. Hour production is approx 60 pieces with a permanence of 5-6 minutes per drawer. Perfect for fine textiles, like Lycra, wool, silk, etc. Reduced dimensions allow to pass through small doors 80 cm wide. Small power requirements permit its use also in small laboratories and shops without three phases electrical supply. Suitable for any type of digital machines.

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  • Hourly production is approximately 60 garments with a permanence of 5-6 minutes per drawer.

  • Suitable for any type of digital machines, its maximum working temperature is 180°C.

  • Each drawer is independent and equipped with its own timer, indicator light and sound alarm.

  • It works very well with medium-long drying process thanks to the control of the temperature and its efficient air circulation: for this reason it’s perfect for fine fabrics like Lycra, wool, silk and flocked garments.

  • The air is warmed by electrical heating elements and blown in a vertical convection current in order to be uniform everywhere. More so the filtered air keeps the fan and the conduct clean, improving the efficiency and power consumption of the system. The oven is equipped with exhaust fumes pipe and an heat exchanger.

  • DiDO Shop dryer introduces a colored touchscreen interface, easy and interactive to use, with important new features like the automatic heating-on and switch-off of the dryer, to minimize the time lost by the operator.



  • User friendly control panel

  • User friendly control panel

    The latest touch-screen control panel has an easy and intuitive design. Time and temperature control are both processed digitally for precise and fast adjustments. All parameters are displayed clearly for the operator to ensure the correct curing standards are maintained. 

  • 6 independent drawers

    The DiDO Shop utilises a unique feature of six drawers, each with their own timer, allowing you to cure different garments or inks that have different cure times to each other. The independent drawer timers will provide maximum flexibility, they also maximise production output, no need to wait for the drawer with the slowest cure time.

  • 6 independent drawers



  • Easy access air filters

  • Easy access air filters

    Air filters are located at the front of the dryer on a pull out tray, very easy to access and clean. No need to worry about down time, you can remove and clean the air filters during production.

  • Deep drawers

    The DiDO Pro drawers have been designed to accommodate a wide range of garments and substrates, allowing the customer to expand into other markets easily whilst offering easy load and unload access. Mesh construction promotes airflow through the drawers resulting in "conveyor dryer results" for the compact dryer market.

  • Deep drawers



  • Easy And Interactive Interface

  • Automatic Scheduled Start

  • Safe Cooling Off And Sleep Mode

  • Precise Temperature Control

  • Each Drawer Has Its Own Timer

  • Drying Process Indicator Light And Alarm

  • Low Consumption Ideal For Small Business

  • Compact And Lightweight Structure

  • Unique And Uniform Air Ventilation

  • No Need For Filter Replacements


Additional Information

Water-based Digital Ink - A4 print size on T-shirt - Data may change according to fabric material, drying area size, and ink curing requirements.

3:30 minutes curing time: 60-90 pieces/h

POWER (max) 9,3 kW
PRODUCTION 60 pieces/h
EXHAUST FUMES 40 m³/h - Ø 80 mm
DRAWER SIZE 700x700x70 mm
DIMENSION 1184 x 833 x h1667 mm
WEIGHT 300 kg

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