COPPERHEAD FLEX PLUS Automatic Screen Printing Press

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The Copperhead Flex Plus combines many of the high-performance features of our larger presses with a smaller footprint to create an affordable automatic press that is perfect as an entry-level machine or can serve as a great addition for an expanding shop. It features a maximum image area of 16” x 20”, and the (8) station base accepts up to 6 print heads. It’s also designed to accommodate industry-standard 23” x 31”/33” (58.5cm x 80cm/84cm) screen frames.


Like all Copperhead Automatic Presses, the Flex Plus includes our exclusive Squeegee Pressure Equalizer system which optimizes printing pressure across the entire image area and maximizes print quality. The Flex Plus includes tool-free squeegee and floodbar angle adjustments, front and rear micro-registration, and independent off-contact controls to easily manage print variables. All Copperhead presses, including the Flex Plus, are compatible with the M&R Tri-Loc™ registration system to aid in fast setups.


The Flex Plus also features a digital touch-screen HMI with time-saving programs that allow the operator to quickly adapt to working environment needs. Unique features include Print Stack Mode, which simplifies HD printing, Idle Mode, which enables easy pre-heating of pallets prior to a print run and M&R’s Revolver mode, which allow flash curing of multiple colors using a single flash cure unit.


With its large maximum image area, extensive list of standard features and innovative operator controls, the Flex Plus offers exceptional value in a compact, affordable, entry-level automatic screen-printing press.

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Features And Highlights

Quiet Operation. Advanced Entry Level Press.


  • • Maximum Image Size: 41 x 50 cm (16" x 20")
  • • Standard Pallet Size: 40 x 56 cm (16" x 22")
  • • High Speed Printing of 750 pieces/hour
  • • Compatible with Tri-Loc, Tri-Sync & Tri-Loc I Series
  • • Front & Rear Micro Registration with visual guides
  • • Mechanical Head Lifting For Easy Screen Cleaning
  • • Digital Touchscreen Control Panel
  • • Independent Print/flood Speed Controls
  • • Pneumatic Screen Frame Lock


A Machine with Everything Built-In. Fully Loaded.

All inclusive so you won't have to choose between versions. No more compromises!


  • • 1 set of Solid Aluminum Rubber Coated Pallets
  • • 1 set of squeegee holders with squeegee rubber
  • • 1 set of Floodbars
  • • Index Foot Pedal
  • • Optical No Shirt Sensor with stand
  • • Pneumatic Frame Locks
  • • Squeegee Pressure Regulator
  • • Front & Rear Micro Registration
  • • Multi Print Mode Program
  • • Print Stack Mode
  • • Print-Start/Print-Finish Mode
  • • Front-to-Back/Back-to-Front Squeegee Mode
  • • Laser Registration Guide
  • • Toolkit
  • • 1 set of frames (22 X 27” / 55 X 67 cm)
  • • Skip Foot Pedal


Additional Information

Air @ 7 bar (102 psi) 320 l/min (11.3 cfm)
Electrical Requirements1 208-230 V, 1 ph, 18.5 A, 50/60 Hz, 3.4 kW (UL/CE)
208-230 V, 3 ph, 11 A, 50/60 Hz, 3.4 kW (UL)
380-415 V, 3 ph, 8.5 A, 50 Hz, 3.4 kW (CE)
Maximum In- built Flash Cure Units. 1
Diameter 391 cm (154")
Maximum Frame Size 58 x 84 cm (23" x 33")
Maximum Image Area 41 x 51 cm (16" x 20")
Machine Weight 1260 kg (2778 lb)
Standard Pallet Size 41 x 56 cm (16" x 22")
Stations/Colors 8/4
1Use uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to safeguard machine from voltage fluctuation out of main supply. If incoming voltage differs from the voltage(s) listed in the brochure, calculate amperage accordingly. Contact M&R Global/ your nearest dealer for total amperage in case of using built-in flash sockets.

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