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AlbaChem Premium Flash Adhesive is a unique mist adhesive spray that is activated by the heat produced by flash cure units. Unlike other adhesive sprays which either lose their tack or become "gummy" from a flash, Premium Flash Adhesive is made to be flashed! With each flash, the tack of Premium Flash Adhesive increases. Ideal for high speed automatic presses with multiple flashes. Increase the number of turns before re-application with Premium Flash Adhesive.


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  • Stable at High Temperatures
  • Less Frequent Re-application
  • Will not Transfer
  • Maintains Tack with Multiple Flashesr

Shake can well before using. Hold can 6 to 8 inches from surface. Use a sweeping motion when spraying. For a permanent bond, apply moderate coat to both sides of materials to be bonded. For a temporary bond, apply light coat to one side of the material. To avoid clogging, after use turn can upside down and spray until a clean stream of air flows.