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Textile - Non-staining spray lubricates all textile machinery. Stops friction and material drag. Great for feeders, attachments, cutting tables, blades and other equipment that comes into contact with fabric.


Furniture - Lubricates metal parts without staining. Great for door slides locks and joints. Stops adhesion of foam backing, foam rubber, and other materials from metal wood and other hard surfaces.


Automotive - Lubricates weather stripping, moldings, channels, doors, locks, and car seat adjustment mechanism. Makes it easier to slide rubber gaskets and seals over metal parts.


Paper & Converters - Spray on paper cutters, blades, drills, dies, saws and more. Will lubricate to prevent friction and staining. Stops glue from adhering to equipment. Mold


Release Agent- Spray into molds to stop sticking. Allows for plastic to come out cleaner.


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Additional Information

  • Long lasting lubrication
  • Does not attract dust and dirt
  • Guaranteed not to stain fabrics
  • Prevents friction and heat build-up
  • Does not contain acetone
  • Screen Printers spray
  • Dry Silicone on the press side of screen to keep screens from sticking to the pallets.
  • Embroiderers & Apparel Manufacturers spray spools of thread to reduce breakage and "looping".